In Memory of Marie E. Pignone-Randazzo, we will be sending 50% of your gift to the Spark of Life Foundation.

Spark of Life was there for John when we lost Marie to her battle with Cancer.  They provided a safe haven for hope in living forward in life after loss.  Spark of Life pays for an individual's Grief Retreat with all meals, and stay while attending life changing dialogue over a weekend on grief.  They do this without asking for anything from the participants... In the earliest stage of his grief, this group was able to lift him out of a "pit" of grief and gave him the tools necessary to LIVE FORWARD.

The Spark of Life Foundation exists to instill hope that, though life can never be the same after loss, life can be rich and fulfilling. They do this by offering Grief Recovery Retreats to those who have experienced loss. These retreats are given as a gift to all who come. There is no charge – all one has to do is get there. The retreats begin on Thursday at 6:30 P.M. and conclude on Sunday around 2:30 P.M.

The founders of Spark of Life have experienced the journey from loss to life, from grief to grace. They know the journey is difficult and full of pain and confusion. They also know this journey to hope is possible. They invite everyone to visit us as we all travel this road of grief.